Chef & Owner

Anthony Sitek — Originally from New Jersey, this full blooded Italian got his love from cooking from his grandma. A graduate from JWU Providence, he finished his culinary degree early so he could take on the city of Chicago and their booming food scene. He has also worked in NYC under Bobby Flay and comes to Cincinnati after opening up a Mediterranean restaurant in Miami. Anthony has spent his time honing his culinary skills so he could finally share them with the city of Cincinnati. He can’t wait for you to join him at the Chef’s table!

Director of Hospitality/Owner

Haley Nutter-Sitek — Managing Partner and ruler of the Front of House. As a Cincinnati native, she knew that CRG would thrive here. Another graduate from the Johnson & Wales Culinary program, she decided she liked to work more hands on with the customers and moved to the front of house. She has worked in Providence, Chicago, and here locally. The past couple years she has been focusing on being a mom and working behind the scenes to get CRG up and running. (Someone has to keep our CRG boys in check!) She is excited to get our doors open and see familiar faces from her younger years


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